Owner Relations

We intend to build the leading Powder River Basin-focused independent E&P business.

Dear Owner

Effective March 26, 2018, Northwoods Energy LLC acquired SM Energy’s Powder River Basin properties. In conjunction with the operatorship transferring from SM to Northwoods Energy, we want to provide you with some key information.

A little about Northwoods Energy. We intend to build the leading Powder River Basin-focused independent E&P business. The Powder River Basin has some of the best geology of any play in the Lower 48 and our position creates a solid foundation to build upon. It is our belief that the basin has been somewhat overlooked during the exuberance surrounding the Permian. Thus far, no one has rigorously worked the PRB and we are keenly interested in the untapped potential of the Powder. We will apply new technologies, operational efficiencies and hard work to realize that potential in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

We recognize that one of our most important stakeholders is the people that own the land upon which we operate. Working closely with you, we are confident we can achieve great success together. We want to earn your trust and strive to build a partnership with you based on honest, open communication, and respect for your land. You will be receiving a Division Order packet from our operating entity, Northwoods Operating LLC. When completing the packet, please provide as much contact information as possible, so that we can reach you with any questions. This packet will contain an ACH payment form for direct deposit, which we strongly encourage you to use direct deposit. It will also include a W-9. Be advised that if we do not have a current W-9 on file within 60 days of the date Division Order packets are mailed, we will be required to withhold Federal taxes equaling 24% of your distribution. Both of these forms can be returned via email, to the contacts listed below.

We will be utilizing Energy Link to provide both revenue and JIB information electronically. At a later time, Usernames and passwords will be provided to you so that you can access check stubs and/or JIB invoices generated by Northwoods Energy.

We also utilize Oildex OpenInvoice for vendor payments. Please contact ap@nwoodsenergy.com to get set up.

Be advised that you will receive two 1099s for 2018 – one from SM and one from Northwoods Energy. Each 1099 will tie to payments made by the issuing company.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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